Are JHud and David Otunga Still Getting Married?

First comes love, then comes…

WWE wrestler David Otunga has an IVY league eduction and caught the eye of Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson after he appeared on “I Love New York.”

Find out how David and Jennifer’s relationship started and why Jennifer credits David with saving her life.

Plus, is the wedding still on?

David sets the record straight and reveals if he still plans on taking a trip down the aisle with JHud.

Take a look.

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  1. Chris says:

    Wendy c’mon David fell for a big girl BUT she wasn’t just any “big” girl SHE WAS JENNIFER HUDSON! Cha-ching!

  2. Chris says:

    Ok Wendy is it me or is everyone really that naive. Jennifer is already married to David Otunga, They got secretly married when she got pregnant because with her strong church roots she did not want a child born out of wedlock. Now if you notice the way they always answer the media question about getting married, it is always the same, “Yes, there is going to be a wedding.” Well they are telling the truth because they are planning a big wedding; however, their ” secret” marriage has already taken place. It’s a slight play on words but very obvious to an observer like me. Also, when Jennifer was last on Oprah show, Oprah called David her husband. Jennifer looked at her strange and quickly said, “no my fiance’ Oprah.” Then Oprah said oh yeah ok, a little disturbed like she was offended that she had to go along with their crazy game.

    I mean it’s not like they’re breaking the law or really lying because it’s really no one else business. BUT, I do think there is a level of morality involved when we are made famous based upon fans, there’s a price you pay to reveal some things to them. I think it hurt Janet Jackson’s career when fans discovered she had been married like 10 years before anyone knew. Hey Wendy curious, where is he at now? Janet paid him GOOD money to stay quiet! Anyway, I do think it was a very wise PR move when Beyonce’ fans got a chance to share in on her actual wedding day and their recently revealed beautiful daughter photos.

  3. He is so handsome and sweet J Hud. I been saying that since ” New York” so with that being said, I can’t wait to see yall wedding! I hope everything goes good in your trail J Hud and congrats on your career David!

  4. Shelly says:

    Wendy, How you doing? Love your show! I saw the episode with David Otunga and I must say he is very nice. I had an encounter with him and Jennifer at DisneyWorld in November. She was there taping a Christmas special with Cee-Lo and Justin Beiber. Well, i saw them in the hotel we were both staying at and might I add we may have been the only two black families at this resort hotel. She was soooo snotty…I was like this broad is mean as hell. I mean, I recognized her and him, I said hello, very politely and she didn’t speak! I didn’t want anything from her, no autograph, nothing! I was like she can’t even speak to a common person. Whatever! She ain’t neeevvver got to worry about me supporting anything she does. She didn’t have to have an attitude. I was thinking maybe I overacted cause’ she may have been hungry or something. The Grand Floridian has a Life-sized gingerbread house, maybe she was resisting running over and taking a bite! But, anyway ain’t nothing wrong with a smile and a nod sometimes…..get it together Jennifer! By the way the comment she made to Adele was waaay out of line. I told you she be hungry, that’s why she so mean!

  5. valarie says:

    I wish nothing but happiness for j.hud, i think david otunga is a good man for her,although he was with ( york).luv u jennifer!

  6. Lisa says:

    I don’t know why people think they can go up to celebrities and talk to them any kind of way like it’s their play cousin and expect them to be overly pleasant. I’m sure the man had alot on his mind, you can’t even remember his name, and you expect him to be so nice. Give me a break. He is human. I’d look at a stranger crazy too if they’d come up to me like that!

  7. Hey Wendy my name is Denicole (De-nee-col) I watch your show yesterday with David Otunga and I have to tell you that I met him in 2010 at Target in downtown Chicago and I have to say he was very snotty. At first I couldn’t remember where I had saw him but then I remember I love New york my mom is or should was a huge fan. So I walk up to he, but didn’t remember his name so I said I know and he said you do rolling his eyes and I’m like ya then I notice little David in the shopping cart and I said oh is that the baby cause I didn’t know his name and that’t what people say when don’t a baby name, so he says well it is a baby and said no the baby you and Jennifer have so he say no it’s just a baby I’m just watching and I said to myself wow really he seriously think he is someone really famous, but I wasn’t the only there he was rude to other people in Target was saying he had a attitude and others said that Jennifer was nice I wonder how she would feel if she know he said their son was a baby he was just watching!

  8. WWEGoblin says:

    David Otunga is awesome, he’s such a nice guy. And he loves his coffee.. he may never sleep!