Tough Love for Fantasia…AGAIN!!!!!

Men Are Stupid!

Fantasia’s baby’s father is allegedly cheating on Fantasia…with his estranged wife.

Find out what Wendy thinks about Fantasia’s latest relationship drama and why she thinks Fantasia should have been smarter before getting into bed with a married man.

Take a look.

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  1. Fantasia is beautiful and talented, but she still has low self esteem like no other. What I don’t understand is she’s a famous singer, chasing after a married man who looks like a dog who has brought nothing but hell into her life. Can’t she date a man in the entertainment industry who is single with no wife and no baby mama drama? I’m dark-skinned just like her and I know I look good. I refuse to believe because I’m not light-skinned, I’m not worthy or that makes me ugly. I’ve been approached by guys of all shades asking for my number or telling me I’m beautiful. She doesn’t have to feel like that, but whatever. I guess she’ll never learn. I don’t see him leaving his wife and she knows she looks stupid as hell, so what’s the point. She’s not winning.

  2. Pia Razon says:

    Let’s not forget that Fantasia was raped when she was younger. Many young rape victims suffer from low self esteem and often confuse sexual affection for love. They often struggle with learning how to enforce proper boundaries and find themselves in bad situations that they don’t necessarily like but feel desperate to have. It’s a very bad cycle that can take years of counseling to get through. When you couple this with the fact that she’s very dark with very thick features in a society that doesn’t praise or value that, you develop a person that just wants to be loved at all costs. Antwone is a light skinned play boy who made her feel special and most important, chosen. That feeling of being chosen to victims of abuse is so craved that they often ignore their own morality and even continued abuse. Look at the Sandusky case. Several of the boys who were raped and abused kept in contact with Sandusky and even sent him cards throughout the years. It shows how deep the effects of abuse can run. We need to support each other more and help our fellow sisters find their true selves instead of embarrassing and bashing.

  3. That’s tough love♥ Good advice Wendy! At least you’re only concern for her, not to put her down or dog her out! To tell her what her family and friends(real friends) should be putting through her head also. Wendy is just telling her just what majority of us feel. You can’t say that its not in the name of Love is Wendy’s main purpose for putting the truth down in the face♥

  4. I agree with Wendy.

  5. Shanekia says:

    Seems like the person who responded from her hometown of High Point is a HATER of Fantasia! Yes, I agree she made some wrong choices, but if I was his estranged wife I would not take his ass back! POINT BLANK! His punk ass is a poor excuse for a man, but he was just doing what weak ass men do, play on emotions and get what he can out of the situation! Fantasia, focus on you and your kids; also, your music I’d much needed!

  6. Well Well she can’t say anything, she knew what she was getting herself into. He’s still married what she expect out of him. He’s a man that have dog idis. So u lay in bed with a dog u get flees.

  7. It’s sad but hopefully she’ll learn from her mistakes. Noone picks the people we fall in love with. She’ll get back up from this.

  8. valarie says:

    Abt fantasia,we all make wrong decisions,give the girl a chance! she’ll wake up! she needs to get back into what she does best,makingmusic! i’ll pray for her!

  9. Snazzy Mom says:

    I’m reading all the mean comments to Wendy but the fact of the matter is how you get the man is how you lose the man! She is just saying what some people are thinking, some people are disgusted with Fantasia and some feel bad for her. Regardless of what this man told her his divorce needed to be final more so because she is a public figure and she knows they are going to put her business all out there. Me personally I’m disappointed in her I voted for her I want to see her career flourish not be a hot topic.