Where in the World is Brittany Daniel?


Brittany Daniel, who played Kelly Pitts on “The Game” is not on the show this season and the internet has been all abuzz.

In fact, it was the number one question “Wendy” watchers wanted to ask the cast of “The Game.”

Find out what Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson said about Brittany’s disappearing act.

Take a look.

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    I have been a fan since your first show, however, it concerns me that you use this platform to advertise your jewelry line. Aren’t you advertising on QVC already? I also wish that we could get “the tell it like you mean it” Wendy back. I have watched several episodes where Wendy had to back pedal out of situations when confronted….I pray that you don’t turn into a self absorbed and fake Nene Leakes, the planet can only handle one…

  2. Norma Lester says:

    Love the show and aftershow. Aftershow gives you a chance to get up close and personal with supporters. Knew you had “good” hair and glad you shared by removing the wig. Know you can’t remove the boobs,lol. This is the kind of thing that made Oprah famous. We saw her without makeup, hair in rollers, in the gym,etc. A real girlfriend kind of thing. You are our next Oprah character. We love you girlfriend!

  3. hi wendy when are the new episodes airing on bet

  4. Kem says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Greetings from London! I love your show…..
    What color LIPSTICK were you wearing on TUESDAY JANUARY 10th…I love love love…


  5. Ms. C says:

    Hi Wendy,

    Guess what? I’m from Belize, Central America… and I love watching your show!! Keep up the good work, all the best in the new year:)!

  6. hi wendy love your show i watch every night keep up the work it is good and how you doing

  7. juanita says:

    Hi you doing wendy, i love you and your show i wish you nothing but the best!

  8. Ms Rhonda says:

    Hi Ms Wendy! I just wanted to write to tell you I love you and your show! You have become my friend in my head and I dvr you and watch every night after work. You take away all my stresses of the day laughing with you and the other fans who love you. I’ve watched your show grow in the caliber of guests and you are riding a rocket straight to the top by keeping it real! Don’t ever change! I turned my 83 yr old mother on to you and she also watches daily and refers to you as That Wendy Williams when she tells me a funny story about your show. She had to miss you when you came to Sacramento where we live because I had to work! We had hoped to come see you in person because my mother also loves to dress! Thanks for getting the dish!

  9. justsayin says:

    i like when you ask real question that fans want to know but HATE when the person don’t answer the questions real. you are on reality tv or putting yourself and all your business out there for the public to see so the least you can do for those who support your shows is give us straight answer without all the bs and run around the game was off the air for three years and not all of the cast was working (or on tv) during that time so thats when people should’ve been taking time for themselves not after one successful comeback season.

  10. alicia duke says:

    what happen to wendy today , our channel 42 did not show all interview with the game cast, they put on andy cohen again , at bottom of screen it said they could air all of interview and skipped to ask wendy seg

  11. I like your show everyday. You are so funny and you are so real.

  12. jackie says:


    Where is the after show? I love your after show almost as much as the regular show. I don’t see it on line today. Hope there’s not a problem…

  13. kathy Weeks says:

    How you doing Wendy Williams,

    I love your show. I wish I could be their but I live in N. Kansas City Mo. Hopefuly one day I’ll be there. My husband is on disability now and life is hard maybe we can visit your show one day and tell his story he almost died they ask me to pull the plug. He will be turning 52 years old on February 14th. He was in the hospital for 7 months. I had all the nurses watching your show. My husband love your show and also The Game. I’m so glad they’re back I’ll be watching tonite Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel Robinson You Girls Rock!!!

    A Fan Forever,

    Kathy Weeks

  14. Hi Wendy I love that you love your work so much, As you should because you are doing your thing and I love you and the show.. All these heavy hitters that have been on your show You Better Go Wendy Williams!!! :) Soon Wendy you are going to be the Top RATED!!!! Talk Show Host on Television… Watch and See !!! :) I’ve been with you since your Radio Days and I must say you have Grown in all that you do and I am so proud of you!! and Continue To Wish You Nothing But The BEST!!! :)