LaToya Jackson and Billy Eichner

LaToya Jackson: “90210” airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. Jean Jearman says:

    LaToya and her sister both married abusive men because that is what they knew and were used to with their cruel father. Dysfunctional family children gravitate toward what they are used to, not what they want. When a person insults the abused and blames them for their choice reveals ignorance on this subject and a mean spirit.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Why does Latoya blame being a Jehovah Witness on her stupid decision to marry that man who abused her? How old were you? Really!!!! Get a grip and let it go…any Witness that I know would marry another Witness and is not dumb or naive pertaining to the things in the world……so blame yourself!!!!

  3. PN says:

    Wendy, on your Hot Topics segment, one thing that alarmed me was about Jennifer Hudson’s encounter with Adele backstage at the Grammy Awards about telling her to get on Weight Watchers and lose a few pounds. I love Jennifer and her music, but that was way over the line and offensive. Adele just won 6 Grammys and Jennifer wants to ruin her night by shilling and hyping her Weight Watchers product to her? I think Adele looks great as she is. Her full figured look is right on her, even down to the red lipstick and the glamorous dresses she wears on stage. People love Adele for Adele! Jennifer needs to stop coming off so cocky like that at a high scale awards show function!