Wendy Gets a Dance Lesson from Abby Lee Miller!

Shall we dance?

Wendy’s good at a lot of things, but she’s not the greatest dancer.

“Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller critiques Wendy’s performance on “Dancing with the Stars” and gives her a few tips!

Can Abby teach Wendy how to dance?

Take a look.

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  1. Veronica says:

    Abby Lee is the idea dance teacher. She knows exactly what she is talking about. Being slim does not mean you can’t dance. You know a lot of what you see on the show is drama, but Abby’s love of dance is not acting. You go Miss Abby!

  2. stephanie says:

    where did Abby get that gorgeous necklace????

  3. lori says:

    Hey wendy
    me and my sister were watching your show yesterday when you did hair piece theater and we both agreed that you looked good girl! That look was actually a good one for you! Granted We realize it was over the top for the comedy portion of your show but believe me a played down version of an afro like wig would be hot! The right color . Not so much of it and abit curlier. It would be like Coffee 2012! I hope you read these responses and consider this just for a couple of shows it would be great!

  4. B in CO says:

    This cow needs to go home and just be put into pasture.
    She is just Nasty Nasty Nasty. I mean seriously the only time this “woman” ever danced is when she dreamt of “sugar plums DANCING, alright, but they were only DANCING in her HEAD”!
    Imagine not being able to teach a child by example- what “example” is she?
    Sugar Plumbs dancing in her HEAD that’s all I see.

  5. Kihra says:

    So cute and Wendy go girl

  6. valarie says:

    Wendy ,u did good with ur lesson with abbylee miller! better than dwts! u was more relax on ur show! u go girl! luv u wendy!

  7. I love Dance Moms,
    It reminds me of me, “Years ago” when my girls were in gymnastics, dance lessons, & even piano lessons, I never knew I acted like that until now, I thought I was abnormal back then but now I feel better,