Daniel Radcliffe on Football and Why He Quit Drinking

Old Soul.

Daniel Radcliffe is from across the pond, but he prefers American football.

Find out who his favorite team is and what happens when Daniel tries one of Wendy’s favorite football snacks!

Then, Daniel reveals why he decided to quit drinking.

Take a look.

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  1. Carol says:

    Is there anywhere now to see the entire episode with Daniel Radcliffe? I missed it and would love to see it.

  2. valarie says:

    Daniel radcliffe,my son has read all of his books& seen all his movies! i couldn’t understand his interest in “harry potter” iv’e also notice that grown ppl r also intereted in him! who knew!

  3. Kara says:

    Who knew Harry Potter would grow up to be so sexy?

  4. Rita Brown says:

    Surprise, Surprise. I really liked Daniel Radcliffe!!! I thought he was going to be boring, but he sounded like a really intelligent young man. I think he does have an old soul, and I didn’t know he was that short. :)

  5. La Monica says:

    PS – GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!! (since my 9’ers aren’t in it…)

  6. La Monica says:

    PreciousPreciousPrecious!!! I LOVE Daniel Radcliffe!!! Sooooooo cute! :) He’s a great conversationalist and just an adorably engaging gentleman! Wish we had more time with him. Also, Wendy, you are so righteous! LOVE your advice/straight talk to Ciara. It’s so true – if she don’t bring it at last with this album, it’s over. You’re so sweet to be so real with her. I get the feeling she needs a big sister. She’s always been a bit too insecure for me to find appealing, and it shows in her videos and interviews, which is a turn-off (sorry, chica, not a Ciara fan). YOU, I LOVVVVVE, though!!! and I absolutely LOVE JWoww+Snookie!!! Happy Super Bowl Weekend!!!! <3<3