EXCLUSIVE: Did JWoww Get Plastic Surgery?



Jersey Shore JWoww has a dramatic new look and tells Wendy exclusively if she had any plastic surgery done to her face.

Plus, will there be a JWoww and Snooki spinoff show?

Take a look.

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  1. “” how you doin, Wendy?””There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. In fact If I made the outrageous dollars that the cast of “jersey shore” makes, I would definately buy larger boobs, get tummy and derriere tucks & dental implants. thats all. I wouldn’t touch my face, cause it is perfect! I just don’t understand the whole Hollywood lie thing….Cause who really cares anyway. right?

  2. Notah8ter says:

    her face has obviously been worked on. If you are gonna fake on the outside at least be real the inside. don’t be double fake.

  3. Jana Nicole says:

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  4. Wendy, HoW yOu dOiN!!!

    I gotta say I like our girl JWOW, but you could tell she was trying to avoid the question about getting her lips done! They just don’t look natural. It was so funny to me how you kept asking her about it and she would not directly answer the question.

  5. Jwow looks fab


  6. lina says:

    Wendy of course she had work done….I hate when people straight up LIE!!
    JWOWW girl who are u fooling?????

    Girl please I believe Kim K butt is real before I believe you 😉 HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Wendy I love that brown wrist wear you had on today. .what stI’more can I find it @..

  8. tee says:

    It does look like jwoww had some thing done to her face

  9. Gloria says:

    You noticed she never answered the questions about her lips she got them done

  10. Wendy,

    I want the belt that you were wearing today (Thursday 12-8-2011). Where can it be purchased. I just love wide belts And they are difficult to find these days.

    Estelle Clark
    4131 Begg Blvd.
    St. Louis, MO 63121

  11. J Wows face has that tell-tale pin cushion look, she lied to you Wendy. LOL, LOL. She is a beautiful girl, didnt have to do it.

    ‘K’ at the Shore

    p.s. Loved the red lipstick today, festive!!!!

  12. sarah says:

    Wendy I think you do red lipstick so well, it really compliments:)

  13. marissa says:

    no.. no she didn’t!