Monica and Linda Evans

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  1. The Truth says:

    This is a comment regarding the letter Oprah sent to Wendy. I think Wendy played it off really well, but I could tell her feelings were hurt. How dare Oprah! I watched Oprah for the twenty-five years she was on the air and I am really upset she would send a letter like this to Wendy. Wendy was not the only media person to make a comment about Gayle leaving OWN. The bottom line is . . . Gayle is leaving . . . period . . . your best friend is abandoning your network! For Oprah to send a letter “correcting” Wendy is so typical her. She can be so judgmental and unsupportive of other black women. . . that has been the complaint of so many other black women throughout the years. It’s o.k. if she wants to disagree with what Wendy said about Gayle, but why couldn’t she also say congratulations on your show. . . I wish you must continued success . . . etc. I thought I would really miss seeing her everyday on TV, but this letter lets me know it was definitely time for her to leave. Keep being you Wendy . . . you don’t have to answer to Oprah or anyone else.