Get the Perfect Red Lip!

Get the Perfect Red Lip!


Red Lips!

It’s fashion week here in New York City and this fall’s hottest makeup trend is the bold red lip!

We’ve seen it on the runway and even on the red carpet, but most real women are afraid to wear red lipstick.

Beauty expert Morgen Schick gives us a few tips on how to get the perfect red lip!

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TIP #1: Getting the perfect red lip is easy when you first cover redness with Concealer (20 seconds), then pick your color and get one of the new High pigmented Glosses that deliver rich color for women with darker skin tones, so you have deep payoff with luxurious glimmer.

Brush on makeup by Morgen Schick
Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color


TIP #2: Older women can wear red! If you have shaky hands grab a new lip balm in red and with a quick swipe you can enjoy a perfect red lip that is forgiving to your little lines and moisturizing too!

Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Stain
Clinique’s Chubby Juicy Apple



TIP #3: The classic perfect red lip can be long lasting and easy to make your lips larger too! Use the tilted technique to draw your lip ridge larger with a new ted lip stain. This gives you long lasting base color that you won’t eat off. You then build your matte lip with a rich red color and after you blot, you have your perfect red lip!

Clinique’s Quick Liner for Eyes
Clinique’s Ready to Wear Lipstick