Is Halle Berry Really Playing the Queen of Soul?

A Wendy Exclusive.

Aretha Franklin called in to the Wendy Show a few weeks ago to speak exclusively to Wendy and set the record straight about her health.

She made headlines when she said Halle Berry would play her in her biopic.

Later at the Golden Globes, Halle Berry said she didn’t think she was up for the part.

Aretha later called and left a message for Wendy to clarify her comments.

Take a look at what Ms. Franklin had to say and find out who Wendy thinks should play the Queen of Soul if Halle doesn’t take the part!

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  1. Teresa says:

    DeNetria Champ needs to play Aretha. She sounds just like her. She played in This Christmas w/Chris Brown.

  2. CARLA PRICE says:

    I Believe Toni Braxton Would Be Great for The Part ,Of the Gueen Of Soul.

  3. jason says:

    my choice would be with whitney houston. she has a phenomenal voice and was a good actress in offence… to halle she is really good but shes not good enought to be the QUEEN

  4. Put some teeth in her mouth to get rid of her gap and Chrisette Michelle would be perfect. I would have suggested Jill Scott but her acting is so so and although I love her she doesn’t have Arethas range and she is to iconic to have someone that can’t sing If debra cox was still hot I would have suggested her but white ppl would be like who is that chick and Halle is so not it I just think the queen wanted to be able to say she had that prettiest woman in the world play her in her life story I know I would. Another good choice (even though she can’t sing) Kerry Washington . That girl can act her ass off but I still say Chrisette she’s the right size and she can really saaang.