Wendy’s Exclusive Interview with Aretha Franklin: Part 1

A Wendy Exclusive.

In a television exclusive interview, Wendy sat down with the Queen of Soul, the legendary Ms. Aretha Franklin.

Find out how Ms. Franklin is feeling after her health scare, what happened to the world famous hat she wore to President Obama’s inauguration and what reality shows she loves!


Plus, find out what Ms. Franklin said that brought Wendy to tears.

Watch part 1 of Wendy’s exclusive interview with the Queen of Soul!

Wendy’s Wardrobe: “High Tea” with Aretha Franklin

Wendy’s black multi color texture knit blazer is by St. John, available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Her black pencil skirt is by Spiegel and her black Spanx opaque tights are by Sara Blakely.

Wendy’s black horsehair cocktail hat is by Barbara Feinman Millinery.

Wendy wore her own Swarovski crystal headlight earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane.

Her gold chain link bracelets with crystal pyramid and sphere closures and pearl strands with antique bronze medallions are by Rodrigo Otazu.

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  1. Two of my most loved women together. Love you both. How can a 62yr. old fab., got it together women, well if you have a sexy at sixty thing, I promise you I am your woman. I love your show,. MANY things you say are always on point for me.

  2. Wendy, I loved your interview with Aretha. I believe a public person definitely deserves a private life and I applaude Aretha. I am happy that she was able to lose weight … she looks (and i’m sure feels) a lot better. Long Live the QUEEN !!!! I believe both you and Ms Franklin have a great sense of humor and I loved the interaction. Great Job

  3. Anthony says:

    Dear Wendy:

    Your interview with Aretha Franklin was amazing. I have been a fan of Aretha since I was a child, as my mother played and lived her music throughout my childhood. Growing up in the inner city, one feels her music and lives it too. I am so so glad that she is well and making an excellent recovery. I am friends of Aretha’s son, Kelf on Facebook and feel like I am now one of her sons. Everyone deserves their privacy, so why shouldn’t Aretha. Leave her alone, let her live — she’s just as ordinary as the rest of us and I am certain that she treasures her privacy. My mom told me something, “my business ain’t everybody’s”. So true should it be for just an elegant lady. She fine, sassy, thick and pretty and working on herself, leave her alone.