Bill Bellamy, Chelsea Kane, Summer Movie Preview and Miguel

Bill Bellamy: For more on Bill Bellamy and his Showtime comedy special, log onto

Chelsea Kane: Visit for more on Chelsea and her latest projects.

Summer Movie Preview: For the latest entertainment and movie news, visit

Miguel: Download a copy of Miguel’s album, “All I Want Is You” on iTunes today.

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  1. Jae says:

    How You Dewin’?
    I came on here to see if you had Miguel’s performance because I missed it on T.V. I was working ’till late. Whats the deal? How can I see it?

  2. PN says:

    Wendy, I thought that Scotty McCreery’s father looked a lot like Piers Morgan when the camera showed him in that camera angle. He has that TV dad on a sitcom look to him, so perfectly well groomed!

  3. Rachel says:

    Gurl how you doing? Wendy when you sat in the chair today and gave us a look which I love. Gurl I saw your black thong!!!!!! Hurry and put something else on not TV friendly especially when you can see it > Don’t like the wig today Also you looked so much better on dancing with the stars. I’m glad you cut those fringes.