How They Doin’?: Meshach Taylor

A Blast from the Past!

Meshach Taylor played the loveable ex-convict Anthony Bouvier on “Designing Women” for 7 seasons.

Meshach tells us how a guest-starring role turned into a full-time gig on “Designing Women” and if he is still in touch with any of his fellow cast members.

Take a look.

Tell Us: What stars from the past do you want to hear from?

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  1. PN says:

    Wendy, you also forgot that Meshach Taylor was a guest star on the very first episode of The Golden Girls in 1985! He had a small role on that first episode. A year before Designing Women’s 1986 debut! Meshach had me laughing with his parts on Designing and Wendy I like that you got to interview him to ask about what those early days of the series were like.

  2. Lisa says:

    Love Meshach Taylor and Designing Women!

    Still, would also love to see on HOW YOU DOIN’? what Ricky Powell, of the LEGGO MY EGGO commercial fame is up to. He also did episodic TV: Bewitched, Mod Squad, and Airplane II.

    And, Claudia Wells, Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend in the original Back to the Future movie and episodic TV like Trapper John, MD.

    These are two pop culture icons I’d like to catch up with!

  3. Sandra says:

    Designing Women was, is and will always be my most favorite sitcom show. The laughing, crying and understanding that went on in those episodes made me wish for friends like that. I have seen all episodes multiple times and will continue to watch them as I find them in syndication. I was devastated when Dixie passed away but she was and will always be one of the great “Big Shouldered Broads”. I only give that distinction to the most deserving women and so far the only other woman waving that flag is my mother.