And Here’s…Wendy and Scott!


Today Scott from Queens was Wendy’s special viewer co-host!

Scott is a pop culture junkie and was ready to dish about the latest Hot Topics with Wendy!

Find out a little more about Scott and who he thinks is the cutest dancer left on DWTS.

Take a look.

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  1. I think that Scott was adorable and needlessly said but very attractive. I enjoyed his witty comments and fresh perspective on the topics. Ps:His fashion taste is on spot

  2. Scottie says:

    ScottSilvestro1 is my new twitter!

  3. Gerry says:

    Hi Wendy, Just wanted to tell you that of all the co-hosts you had this week Scott was the best. Did you guys know eachother before the show? It seemed like you were already friends. Well either way you guys were great together…hope you have him on again.

  4. Scott was so great as your co-host! Such a natural! Please bring him back again!! Loved him!!

  5. Jacki says:

    What an amazing show Wendy! I had so much fun watching you and Scott HITTING IT OFF! You guys were totally in sync and it provided a fresh perspective to the show! And talk about COMFORTABLE. It seemed like you guys have known each other for years.

    I thought there was a great balance between you two! I mean, Wendy is the STAR but I loved Scott’s input. He wasn’t overpowering and he wasn’t too quiet either. He was just the right amount of co-host for me! And every Batman needs his Robin, right Wendy?!

    I want to see you guys together MORE! I just had a blast watching you two.

  6. PN says:

    I think that Scott should get his own talk show! He was very good on camera, very telegenic, knew his entertainment info, did his homework the night before the show, was very well groomed and interacted well with you and the audience. He should land a gig on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood or Extra and be a correspondent or do TV work there since he follows entertainment and pop culture so much. He was that good recalling what happened on NBC’s The Voice–he thought Christina Aguilera was into the voices and Adam Levine, Cee-Lo and Blake Shelton were all into the looks of the singers competing. He should think about doing that even if he’s focused on his job in Queens, New York. You should have him again as a co host on a later show, maybe on some of the fall/winter shows or early 2012.

  7. dara says:

    What a NATURAL!! Loved Scott, seemed right at home on the set. Friendly, smart, funny, adorable!

  8. Kimba-Lee says:

    Hey Wendy ‘HOWS YOU DOIN’ ? I’m a very young viewer from Trinidad and i loved your co-host Scott, he’s cute too. I really think you should bring him back to do some shows.

  9. Kingdabar says:

    Wendy always looks good! Her cohost 2day was Ms Gale n she was wearin that blue dress! Wendy u need 2 hook us up on a date 😉

  10. Nicole says:


  11. Anne says:

    Scott did such an amazing job and made the show even more fun to watch than usual!! I hope you’ll have him back one day or give him his own segment on the show!!

  12. Scott is the best out of 3 co-host thurst far. Great job. He as qucik , funny and interacted cute and sweet and Wendy seemed to really like him.

  13. Tracy says:

    Hi Wendy! I love you and I love your show. AND I really really loved Scott for your cohost. If you HAVE to have a cohost ever again, SCOTT IS OUR GUY!! He is funny, witty, and so fun. And your chemistry IS awesome. He is the best compliment to your wonderful personality and he makes you shine even brighter. I mean you guys are like the next Regis and Kathy Lee more than Hoda and Kathy!! I mean you guys are BETTER! All the fun without the drunkenness! You (and Scott) are more relevant to us 20-40 girls and that’s why we love you so much. We’re on the same page!!

    Love you lots,

  14. Rodney says:

    How You Doin’ Wendy!
    Scott was a pro and appeared confident. I loved it How you doin Scott! Love watching the show.

  15. Adrian Pladl says:

    Are you on FB Scott?

  16. Adrian Pladl says:

    I loved SCOTT ! He’s such a natural!!!! BRING HIM BACK WENDY!! PLEASE!! GREAT JOB SCOTT!. I really enjoyed him as your co host!

  17. OMG! SCOOOOTTTTTT…. you definitely rocked! Your a business analyst and I think you missed your true calling… you complimented Wendy very well… funnything is I know which brother is which on your twin baby pictures! LOL! Wendy bring Scott back!

  18. I simply lovedddddddddddddddddddddd Scott tonight….this was the BEST Wendy Williams Show ever and I am a big fan of the show but as other have stated the chemistry between Wendy and Scott was awesome. Please have Scott come back real soon. Oh the lady last night made my head hurt. She seem like a very nice woman but that constant laughter was horrible ….a mess. I would like to see Scott again :)

  19. anonymous says:

    Wendy, “How you doing?!”
    I am never one to leave a message on a show’s website!
    But Scott was and is AMAZING! Please bring him back! And Scott
    if you are reading this, “Thank you for being such a great host! You made
    Hot Topic extra special!”
    I hope the next time I go to NY, I get to go on your show Wendy!
    Your favorite Viewer,
    who will now on leave more comments!