Aretha Franklin to Sit Down with Wendy!

A Wendy Exclusive!

BREAKING NEWS: Ms. Aretha Franklin will sit down exclusively with Wendy for her first on-camera interview since her health scare.

Watch Wendy’s big announcement and get all the details.

Take a look.

Tell Us: What questions would you like Wendy to ask Ms. Franklin?

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  1. Elaine says:

    Ms. Franklin,

    I just want to ask how are u doing? Love

  2. Cleve Rose says:

    No, I’m not A. Franklin, but I feel I could answer some of the questions posted lol lol… com’ on letz have fun!

    Q: As a child, what singer/singers inspired you?
    MY ANSWER: Clara Ward, mostly

    Q: How did you learn to play the piano, and were you self-taught?
    MY ANSWER: Rev. James Cleveland, mostly

    Q: What’s your favorite SOUL FOOD dish?
    MY ANSWER: She likes banana pudding, hamhocks and butter beans (though, lately she’s eating more “whole foods”

    What keeps her residing in the Metro Derroit area after all these years?
    MY ANSWER: It’s her ole stomping grounds, the dudes can “ball” like no others in the nation

    Q: What is her fondest memory of her Dad?
    MY ANSWER: the closeness, the talks, watching boxing on tv as a young girl

    Q: What was her relationship with Sam Cooke? Were they intimate?
    MY ANSWER: yep, they got close on gospel tour when she was only sixteen

    Q: Who was the mystery guy she talks about in her book?
    MY ANSWER: maybe a politician or a journalist, i’ll leave it at that

    peace&love always

  3. Stacy says:

    Ms Franklin Who are you most interested in to play you in your biopic and when does it start filming?

    How is your relationship with the today’s R&B female singers?

  4. Diana Daniel says:

    When is Ms Franklin going to be on your show….first I heard today Feb 25th now I heard you say on your show Wed March 2…when is it?

  5. Lin says:

    Ms. Franklin, will you consider publishing a book of recipes that transform your former favorites to healthier versions? Thank you. Continue getting well.

  6. Lisa says:

    I’d like to know who she dated back in the day?