Have a Snooki New Year!

Happy New Year!

This just in! Snooki from “Jersey Shore” is going to be dropped down inside a huge ball in Time Square on New Year’s Eve.

In case you’re having a hard time visualizing exactly how that’s going to work, Wendy created the scene like only she could!

Take a look and we promise you’ll LOL!

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  1. Jana Nicole says:

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  2. Stehanie says:

    Hi Wendy

    I’ve been watching your show from day one since it’s been aired in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. PLEASE start inviting more african american guest to your show. It seems as though you only cater to other races.

    Love your show!

  3. peggy says:

    Good points Roshod Ellis, I cringe at all of the grammatic al errors. Gee wiz! -I was never a great speller but G*D damn man! Praying that you are a Freshman and not a senior. LAWD knows what other assistance you may need but please don’t drop out. Be well and “spell check” hun. STAY in School because I am concerned for the state of America. I’m just saying…..

  4. Dear Wendy;

    I watch your show almost everyday. I heard you mention you were from Ocean Twp NJ, well I was a resident and went to School at Long Branch High NJ. So we did not live so far apart. I know you now have your new home, but you make me so home sick for NJ. I wish I could come back to NJ. Still love your show though. If you know of any nice man of about 64 – 70 who wants to spoil me rotten please let me know. In the mean time I will continue to watch your show and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


  6. marie says:

    Wendy, I really enjoyed the show today, and you did a good job with the quartet.
    I predict your show will last until you throw in the towel, you are an inspiration to many and a true get the party jumpin kinda gal…the WORLD will someday all love you WendyXOXO!!! (Sidebar:Dont Eva Change).

  7. hi wendy im from a littlle town call Elberton Ga single parent no job been out of work for 6mo.i watch your show every morning ihave three Grandkids boy 2girlsages b-4-g-2&8yr oldthey need help with xmas and i really need your help i cant get them anything B/C i has no income no car 2 get my kids 2 & from doctor when needed 2 go im having a hard time right now stugging tryin 2 get things for them.if u could plz help me.///////GOD WILL TRUELY BLESS YOU CONTACT NUMBER 706-988-5720 Address is 100 Second Apt B Elberton Ga 30635. THANK YOU WENDY

  8. Home Daycare says:

    I absolutely LOVE you! Your personality is so addictive. One of these days I am going to get up to NY so I can you see face to face! :)

  9. jackqueline says:

    Hi wendy have a wonderful xmas love u:)

  10. Deanna says:

    hahahahaha! that was great. and i love your visual of it! that should be interesting to watch. <3 you wendy

  11. Hi Wendy,
    I am a HUGE fan of your show!!! From today’s show your audience member asked during Ask Wendy, about birthday gifts since her birthday is Christmas Eve. Well I wanted to share, that my birthday is New Year’s Eve (6 days) after Christmas & I have always had the same issue….. Well what I’ve always told my friends/family, is that if they want to get me 1 gift per year for these 2 separate occassions that’s fine, but they have to choose which 1 gift per year they would like as well. Not to sound ungrateful, but its just down right unfair and I didn’t choose my birthday. I agree that there’s a reccession going on, but if a friend has a birthday in June and in December then they still get a Christmas gift. My birthday is the same day every year, therefore, just like I sacrifice to get others presents throughout the year others should plan ahead & make the same sacrifice……… just how it works for me!!

  12. Rashod Ellis says:

    I cannot stand Snooki or Jersey Shore so watching them on the last night if the year/first day of the year make me not wanna watch the ball drop which that is something that I do every year. These realuty show are nor relaity they are a sorry excurse to get some money and people wanna know why this generation is so bad it is because we keep on advertising these shows and people that don’t have a good influrance or something meaningful to say or do to help improve this generation. I hope that they please rethink this decission….and by the way this is coming from someine that is a current highschoolers who see and have to go through this everyday. Wendy this is whyy I love you because we are so much we bith tell it like is and I think that it time that the world catchs up to us because the world needs to hear the truth about some of ths stuff.

    Thanks and Love always,
    Rashod L. Ellis