Whoopi Goldberg’s Shoe Game Is On!

A Wendy Interview.

The multi-award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg stopped by to tell Wendy about starring in the new Tyler Perry Movie, “For Colored Girls”. Find out why Whoopi has been off the big screen for awhile and what she insisted on being called while filming.

Then, find out what celebs are on Whoopi’ list of celebrities that have disappointed us.

Plus, Whoopi wore high heels just for Wendy and they’re like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

Take a look!

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  1. Free-Free says:

    i love Whoopi she so fab and da shoe are cute. Price doesnt matter Wendy. Ugh

  2. edna says:

    wow wendy i been following you for sometime time. if i miss you at 10:00 a.m. i view you on BET. You got it going on. Stay true to yourself and the rest conitnue to come easy. you are liked by me because of you real. I just like you manners and your parents raised a decent respectable woman.


  3. anna riggins says:

    Hi Wendy, as usual you look wonderful. I Love your show and the halloween show was super good. I do think you could be a good actress. Please give us fat girls some tips on getting slim.

  4. Emily says:

    Hi Wendy ” HOW YOU DOIN”! I love your show and watch it everyday on the fox network( channel 5 ).Unfortunately Cablevision is now in a dispute with the fox network and are not airing it. So I am really grateful to be able to watch the show on your website and get my daily dose of Wendy!!! I would really want to see you live and have requested tickets, I hope to get some. Keep entertaining us as only you can.

  5. Whoopie is the best. Thanks Wendy for that one.

  6. […] Goldberg wore her Irregular Choice Low Level Danger light up shoes on talk show Wendy Williams today, and they made a point of mentioning the Irregular Choice […]

  7. Whew! ok “How you doin”? Wendy I love your show in regard to the last letter i wrote i see it stayed so if this one erases i know you got one. You always look very nice and curvatous is that a word? lol You are such a down to earth person Wendy and there are so few of us left. Somebody is always lookin for a hand out anyway about you i like your hair shoulder lenght you look sopisticated but hot and edgy Girl the racks are pumping smile I would like to invite you to Carls Hair Salon in New Jersy he is having a book signing with Lisa from the housewifes of Atlanta Nov 6 He opened his shop several months ago he is a young talented Black Man trying to do his best ,my daughter and i go to him and get our hair done, He goes all over to hair shows anyway he is no relation to me but i know he would be suirprised and overjoyed if you where able to make it.I would love to meet you So please call mw you have both num, I love you Deborah

  8. Wendy 4th time writing please calll have important info love your show im afraid to typwe anything else it might erase this is the 4th time writing you and it left Pleae call 6092904898 Love your show You look good all the time was hoping to talk with you and have that corn breakfast you was talking about Love ya hope to talk with you soon call anytime up allll nite please excuse mistakes lossing eye sight due todiabetes but i want you to come some place fun please cal!!!!!!! Love you I sound crazy i just so afraid i will lose you again The tweed looks nice

  9. Sindy says:


    This is so not about Whoopi but I have 2 things, the first one is your new wig looks great is says sophicated and chic. Second thing I was watch sweet 16 the other day and the one with the girl that was asking to shut down peachtree in ATL, the guy that was her party planner was Dwight from Atlanta House wives. Girl he had on a green suit and a goatee. lol


  10. Evelyn says:

    I love your show Wendy Whoopi Goldberg was on on today I would love to get her book.Both of you are awsome hard working women.

  11. Nice Show Today !
    Wendy, How You Doin! I don’t always write about everyone but I am truly a fan of
    Wendy and Whoopi on the couch. Today show was great for me I am a little more of
    a fan then most. I am so happy Wendy that you and Whoopi are good friends again.
    Wendy all your quest has be wonderful this week, Macy Gray is one of my favorite singers her music is just terrific. Wendy have a great day tomorrow and a wonderful weekend.