Dr. Oz on Plastic Surgery

When you’re married to America’s Doctor — you never have to get a second opinion.

Lisa credits her great skin with being a vegetarian and taking care of herself — a little botox doesn’t hurt either.

Find out what Dr. Oz says when it comes to his wife getting plastic surgery.

Take a look.

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  1. Absolutely loved the segment with Dr. Oz’s wife Lisa. She is so beautiful, with her porcelain clear glowing skin, soulfull eyes and straight forward personality! I think he should have her on his show more often.
    I loved her comment about Botox and him not approving but at the same time not noticing it either ha ha!

  2. Loring Tatem says:

    i appreciate this show because i learn so much about who is who in the world of celebs. i know theres plenty other shows media lit up, but they dont draw me necessarily, and thats reel cool. if its important enough to me i’ll know, chit. i admit i never heard of 80% of the people, maybe heard the name, but thats it. the Wendy Shows draws me in a good healthy way, im entertained, im informed, im inspired. THANKS DEB-MAR.

    i realize watching ASK WENDY today the dude in the red-and-white checkered cowboy shirt, his concern with his wife and mother. lotta brothers, but for different reasons. but in this particular case, his slight-voice says it all, not much resonance. even though intelligent and high-functioning people listen more to fatness in voice than actual words. the ‘words’ heard seem go straight to subconscious and of course manifests. but the SOUND is whats up front, and people dont pay no attnetiono like who you saying today.

    i read other comments on here bout this lady, TODAYS GUEST. i liked her and it interest me to see comments on here that she aint all that. i liked her whole appearance form the belly-flattering orange dress like someone else has stated to the walnutbuster face. wow, i liked her. its like this: 1.] orange; the most visible color they say, 2.] no matter what the outer appearance is, belly-flattering or no, some persons let their ‘inner’ feeling govern the outer, 3. she has a pretty face-bone structure and dramatic-souful eyes. i genuinely liked her.

    i saw the show this morning as i enjoy early morning for taking in media, and i also saw it friday originally. but now i just felt ready to comment myself on it. its a bright show. sincerely.


  3. Sweety says:

    Dr. Oz’s wife is beautiful and straight to the point but I was really disappointed in her weight/size. When she walked on stage she had this belly showing. I was wondering if she was pregnant. It is fine if she is lnot perfect but I think she should have chosen a more belly flattering dress.

  4. nesta says:


    What is up with Dr.Oz’s wife?
    She has no personality at all and you could crack walnuts on her face!
    Did you know that white woman age in dog years?

  5. Roland says:

    Great segment today with Liza Oz. Interestingly enough that many people wan to know how get past old relationships. I agree with you that people should not rush into another relationship after breaking up. I refer to this as, cleaning out your emotional closet where I speak about M.A.C. The first “M” stands for mourning the loss of a relationship. I believe my book, “Are You The Right One For Me? Whose Choice Is It Anyway?” would be meet your demographics. I would be pleased to send a review copy of the book to the show. It’s a comprehensive book that engages the reader to do some self realization prior to dating.

    Take care and keep up the good job!

    Until we meet…


  6. london says:

    Lisa Oz personality doesn’t match Dr. Oz at all. He is so genuine and warm. I can’t put my finger on it, but she seems a little rigid. What’s up with the cougar comment, seriously unless you are 20+ difference in age, what the heck is a cougar…so Halle Berry is a Cougar. Lisa and{ orange} not working she looks huge, stylist snafu she can’t come on TV as Mrs Oz like that. Dr Oz is America’s sweetheart.

  7. Larry says:

    Hey Wendy Dr.Oz’s wife was a nice guest on the show.
    She looked like a creamsicle in that dress though. lol


  8. I didn’t get to catch the entire show i just got the last 15 minutes and wendy. Wendy wendy wendy there is nothing cute about jersey girls. They all dress like street walkers and that make over that that girl got let me tell you she looked ridiculous it looked like she got something that Madonna threw out that she didn’t want during her Erotica/Sex year of 92. That was a huge hot mess!!! It really was. MMMMM Love Gossip565.com

  9. Keith Felder says:

    Hi Wendy,

    You and Mrs. Oz today were a tag team with the audience today. You with your cool, laid back and straight forward answers and her with her well polished “doctor’s wife” answers matched so well together. I would love to have her back tag teaming with you anytime y’all are the best. And Wendy How Y’all Doin’