Siobhan Magnus Performs “Summertime”

Siobhan Magnus was Norman Gentle’s favorite to make the Top 3 of “American Idol” this season, but America voted, and she was eliminated.

Now she’s performing “Summertime” on our stage.

Take a look.


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  1. celine dion will always be one of the best singer, she has the unique sounding voice `;;

  2. Celine Dion is got to be the best singer, she has a very sweet warm voice _

  3. jj says:

    my my,what a performance from siobhan.she reminds me of a female elvis presley.granted she doesnt maybe move or shake like elvis,but she has this major sex appeal about her,and she also has a soulful sound,similar as far as she sounds like a black singer,just like elvis did.she has soul.

  4. Mike says:

    Wow! – that was a cool rendition. Ella would be proud.

    Siobhan was the excitement in this year’s Idol – the ratings have fallen since her elimination.

    Thank you Wendy for bringing her on!

  5. jj says:

    gotta give it up for this girl.she sounded great doing a janis joplin song.she belted out both low,and high notes,i couldnt believe she is only 20 years old.her voice sounds so much different than how she talks.i think siobhan has a bright future ahead of her,in singing or another endeavor.

  6. Im looking forward seeing Siobhan being a big big big star! Great job Siobhan you just made Janus proud, that’s a great song, you have better control of your voice that’s what I love about you and for me you are the American Idol Season 9 WINNAR!
    God bless and good health

    – Hiei Kaganshi

  7. I stopped watching AI 9 when she left. She’s the reason why i am very excited to see tuesday performance every week. She’s so unpredictable and interesting. God Bless Siobhan.