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  1. Donna says:

    Wendy I love you but you did me dirty. You cancelled my invitation before my birthday on yesterday, Look the way you research Oprah brings it too. When I asked her if I should run for the President. She conspired with T.D. Jakes. I was investigated by her crew. All of my private conversations out in the street. My baby sister a cop. She looks like Oprah and got it turned around that I don’t like dark skinned people. She try to upstage me and wolla! People like you Wendy say 12 years you carried on in an affair. Wendy I still had a great birthday because the creator woke me up.

  2. Patricia Ann says:

    Famous is the word of the day…

  3. I would of bit her! But seriously I would ask her not to be so rude!

  4. IHello Wendy I love your show I work part time retired, I watch your show daily before I got to work at 4:00 pm and stay up to watch your late night show that come on @ 12:00 midnight and I am 69 yrs old can relate to everything you talk about. Keep up the Good Work Gurl like that say don’t leave home without it, I don’t go to bed without watching my WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW MUC LUV WENDY
    Ms. Margaret
    Charlotte NC 28216

  5. ha wendy how you doin i love your show i watch it every night at midnight on bet here in w.v. but i have a few complaints and this is keeping it 100.why does your audience clap at everything you say when they know that they dont agree when they put the camra on people they be shaking theyre head no but be clapping.nobody can agree that much.please control that.and next why the wigs all the time when are you going to go natural i dont like the hair thing under the arm pits.and us as black woman dont play with our hair like that all the time.and me as a mom of three kids and it time too lower the dresses if you have too sit and constantly pull it down youre a middle age mom come on now and i think you should ask the audience questions and ask your guess questions also.i love your show and i love some of your clothes but the clapping all the time has got to go.and my friends that watch feel the same please dont let your ratings go down.love you.teresa bring this up on your show or do a pole on it.april 26th,12

  6. nice personality u run a different styles are used

  7. carolyn says:

    wendy, please stop with this tea drinking on the air, it look bad, make you look like you have been drunk all night, or getting over a hang over. do you have to do this so the people can see it, all the drugs and alcoholic out there, I think it`s sending out the wrong ideal. it`s like you have to keep your throat and body from drying out after a high or hang over. but you don`t have to listen to me. I`m just saying.

  8. Dear Wendy I love your show and I love you. You are like a best friend and someone so easy to talk to with. Continue on doing what you do, it helps a lot of lonely people feel a whole lot less lonely.

  9. roxy says:

    what do you think about Arizona Gov. putting her finger in President Obama face.

  10. WENDY is mygirl……I truly love her personality (winning); she is so REAL, extremely DOWN-2-EARTH person………Keep up the good work, Wendy!


  11. Wendy, just wanted to thank you for showing your appreciation for your diehard fans by touring the country and sharing your hiatis with us. I will never forget having lunch with you. You were very down to earth and easy to talk to. Remember me, Georgette Hall at Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, Ca? I was the short little lady with blonde hair wearing lots of animal print (in honor of you. I can’t believe you didn’t make fun of me. Especially when I stood next to you to take a picture with you and my little face was even with your gigantic but gorgeous boobs!) Anyway, I was the retired nurse that used to work in a prison (I took care of Charlie Manson when another inmate set his face on fire). Hope everything is good in Jersey. HOW YOU DOIN’?

  12. TAMMIE BAHAM says: