Wendy’s Real Hair

"I always wore my hair loose for picture day."

"I always wore my hair loose for picture day."

Hair. Hair. Hair.

It’s the million dollar question: What does Wendy’s hair REALLY look like?

Well Wendy’s a proud wiggy and won’t be revealing her natural hair anytime soon — but she did give us a few pics from her childhood.

Check out these pics of Wendy before she became a wiggy!






This is Wendy at 10-years-old sporting her “everyday look.” It was quick and easy to do on her own.

Here’s a little secret: Wendy has never had a perm.








High School Portrait.

We won’t even talk about that sweater she’s wearing — but clearly pink has always been her favorite color.







All Grown Up!

Wendy with her mom and big sister Wanda. This was the summer after her freshman year at Northeastern.

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Watch this LOL moment with “Good Hair” stars Chris Rock and Nia Long!

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  1. Juanita Mohamed says:

    I have Silver hair. Please advise if you have a wig that is shoulder length or longer. May I hear from you ASAP.

  2. seanie81 says:

    She said her hair has thinned due to her thyroid condition

  3. Paige says:

    The high school portrait portrays Wendy as having thick hair. However, I just watched a show last week. On that show, Wendy said that she wears wigs because her hair is too thin. Come on Wendy, stop lying. These pictures aren’t you.