Kaley Cuoco and Naughty By Nature


Kaley Cuoco: “The Big Bang Theory” airs every Monday night at 9:30/8:30c on CBS. Visit cbs.com to watch past episodes.

Naughty By Nature: Get the latest news about their upcoming album and tour information for Naughty By Nature at naughtybynature.com.

Free Stuff: Register to win a free Naughty By Nature T-Shirt

Ask Wendy: Just because you can’t come to the show to “Ask Wendy” your question in person, doesn’t mean you can’t get some free advice from Wendy. Submit your questions here.

Watch: Is it ever okay to date your sister’s ex?

How You Doin’ Fever!: Wendy’s signature saying is sweeping the nation. It started with the kids and now adults are getting in on the action.

Click here to find out how you can send us your “how you doin’?” tapes. You never know, we just may play it on the air!

Chris Brown Interview: If you missed Wendy’s exclusive with Chris Brown, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Watch: Chris Brown debuts his new music video “Crawl”
Watch: Wendy’s full interview with Chris Brown

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  1. linda says:

    「christopher brown is a hottie」rihanna is a week b^^^^ that cant defend herself i never like her i knew that they werent supose 2 go out but who cares cause chris tryna come bak….but rihanna didnt even give a f^^^ she went on 20/20 not even showing expression cause she was playin wit chris’s emotions(dats probably why he kicked her ass)

  2. ReNaté says:

    Thank you SO much for having Naughty by Nature on the show! Love the group but even happier that they performed for the troops in Kuwait/Iraq. My husband is currently on his 3rd deployment and called home to tell me that he had seen them perfom! We gotta get more artists to go over and show our troops some love! Twista (the rapper) went over in 2008 and also came to Germany for the families/soldiers & gave us a fabulous FREE show!
    Thanks again, Wendy, LOVE the show

  3. Lee says:

    Anyway we can get the interview with Kaley Cuoco put up on the site? I missed it this week and am dying to see it :( Help!

  4. RON says:

    How you doin Wendy

    I have been out of work for a month due to knee surgery. I have been watching your show everyday, it makes me laugh.
    I am probably one of the only straight guys watching your show and talk to my guy friends about it.
    Now the problem I am having is I watched the show with ( women abuser) Chris Brown. I was so appalled when I saw your whole studio audience applaud him as he walked out. I never ever get offended until I saw that. I have never hit a women or raised my hand to a women, if I ever did no body would applaud me afterwards.
    I had total respect for your show because you do record live and your very diverse. But to stoop so low to have a women abuser on the show and to be happy about it, what’s next child abuser?


  5. Erika says:

    i NEED to know who makes Kaley Cuoco’s LEGGINGS she had on during the show – beyond to die for!!!!!

  6. Irene--Belle says:

    I tried to ask a question of Wendy about the interview but could not get it to be pulled up or uploaded…but my feelings about air time for him are so strong and personal that my admiration for a happy looking smiling woman with a good show are confused and I am upset. He deserves no publicity, no support, no admiration. Too bad he wasted his talent and reputation. He is a man that is so into his power and strength and ability to control by brutality what he knows he can’t control. He is the type that is so into such shattering affects on beauty that he will never change. His apologies are false and only given for damage control. There are a lot more X-fans out here now than he will ever know. He is someone who will continue to hurt women forever. I wonder how many there were who cowered under him before the brave and beautiful woman had the instincts and courage to step up and step out with the best advice I have heard from a woman in a very long time: “F…. Love.”
    get out, get away, stay away, never go back. A second chance is not deserved and can kill. Many women are dead over “love.” Get out and away with your own self in tact an alive. Tina Turner could give you some very good advice. She had what it takes and deserves to be thanked for the best example she could ever have given. Get away, stay away, use the legal system.

  7. J. Smith says:

    I’m a 100% Diva at the age of 44 and I love your show. The only way I get to video my how you doing is on a camera my daughter got me for Christmas I have not found a way to send it and it killing me. I do how you doing at my job, Church, stores, my two daughters tell me “ma Please stop” but it’s a must before my second grand son is born in this world I HAVE TO MET YOU SO I CAN PUT MY HANDS ON MY HIP,DROP THAT BOTTOM LIP LOWER MY EYES,AND SNAP FOR THE CHILDREN AND SNAP FOR THE KIDS AND “SAY HOW YOU DOING”

  8. Ms. P says:

    Im trying to get a hold of the Naughty by Nature website with no luck, also i still can’t get tickets for your showw because i could’nt download a picture. I’ll be there in December but I will come back in Feburary with the Hottest Hot sauce You have had!

  9. tamara says:

    Oh miss wendy, How u doin?( wit the ugly face) thank you for giving me some trech,mmmm that made my day!! Anyways just wanted to drop a line from jacksonville texas again,we love love you, and p.s. come closer, i have stopped my recordings of monique. You Wendy Williams r the Queen of daytime tv.FRom Tamara lee

  10. Georgiann says:

    Who makes the pants Kaley Cuoco had on today, and where can I get them?

  11. Veronica says:

    Hey Wendy! I’ve seen you always saying your arm pits sweat a lot. I had the same problem. Try the deoderant Mitchum. It works great for that, take care. ~Veronica

  12. Lisa Shell says:

    I was a person at Yale University that bistandd for Def Comedy Jam, with Russell Simons, via Todd Williams, in the 1990’s and Bernie Mac said I look just like Wendy Williams. I have grown to ABC news and Wendy has changed, they, television people say I look more like her.

    I would like to see Wendy, and also as a military veteran also resurect my televison news career.

    Thank you for your time and attenton.

    Lisa Shell