Towers of store-bought cake, cupcakes, and cookies, decorated with swirls of colored frosting, make this no-bake cake a never-ending adventure. Personalize it with a theme—sports, flowers, or a day at the beach—to make any birthday super-special.

Angelina Jolie recently made this cake for one of her own kids!



1 bakery-bought half-sheet cake, frosted white and bordered in color of your choice
1 bakery-bought 8-inch layer cake, frosted white and bordered in color of your choice
8 bakery-bought cupcakes with white frosting
8 theme-decorated cookies (i.e., birthday packages, sports, beach, sun and moon)
Writing frosting, CakeMate®
Fancy birthday candles

Makes 25 servings

1. Cut dowels to the height of the sheet cake. Sink dowels around the center of the sheet cake to support the layer cake. Place the 8-inch layer cake in the center of sheet cake (on top of the dowels). Place 4 of the cupcakes on top of the layer cake; add 1 cookie in the center of the 4 cupcakes. Place the 4 remaining cupcakes on the corners of the sheet cake.

2. Decorate with cookies around cakes, pressing gently into frosting and/or inserting into the cupcakes. Use writing frosting for birthday wishes and place appropriate number of candles.

Start to Finish 20 minutes

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Excerpted from the book, Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade 20-Minute Meals 2, by Sandra Lee. Copyright © 2008 Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade