Getting Wiggy with It!


Wigs! Wigs! Wigs!

We all know Wendy loves her wigs and the rest of America is catching on!

Hear Wendy’s advice for making sure your wig stays on during those…intimate occasions!

Watch these videos for more advice from Wendy!

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  1. Donna says:

    I’ve seen where so many people post their stories about hair loss and asked the same questions, “where do you buy your wigs?” and I have not seen any response answers. Why is that? So many of us would like to know so that we can buy one of her fabulous wigs. I’ve spent money online for wigs and when they arrive they are horribly fake looking or they do not last more than one wash. All of these wigs claim to be human hair and I paid over $285.00 for each. A referral would be deeply appreciate. Please post for future customers.


  2. Pam says:

    All the wig comments are great! I am a nurse and suffer from thin hair due to a medical condition and partly poor nutrition( my fault). I got a great wig but people at my work kept talking crap about me.So I no longer wear it. Why don’t people talk crap about you? Do I just care what they think too much? I did visit a friend that I had not seen in 2 years and wore my wig. She couldn’t believe how young I looked. I never did tell her the truth! I love my wig…It makes me feel so beautiful… What should I do?

    Howww U doin?

  3. Bev says:

    HOW YOU DOOOIIINNN’?… I just wanted to say that I just love the shorter wigs on you. Can you tell me what the company that makes them? I have fine hair and it looks good but I have to get my hair done every 5 weeks because it grows so fast.
    I also love your long wigs. You are such a beautiful lady and an help to all of the women that watch you. I watch your show everyday. Thank you so much.



  4. Olivia says:

    HOW YOU DOOOIIINNN’?… so i have this problem with my hair, my mom cut my hair 2 years ago, and it hasnt grown back the same. my hair finally grew back 4 inches then i got it cut profresionally last yr, now i feel like i made a mistake cuz now my sisters hair grew out flawless, and im jealous… and i feel my hair is an embarrasement to them, cuz we sistahs and my hair isnt like theirs.. i want to buy a wig, but i dnt know what they would think. Should i go head buy on to make them not make fun of me?
    since ive been watching your show, you have a new wig every day, i love that

    well hope to hear from you soon

    -olivia [bbyt]

  5. Mandy says:

    I love your hair styles. I have alopcia (my hair falls out), and has been since I have been 20 years old (I am now 29). I know there are worse things in life then hair loss, people suffer from far worse things and believe me, I take nothing for granted and I never complain, I keep how it makes me feel to myself. Regardless, it hurts me on the inside. I have tried so many different things weather it be vitamins or hair pieces….even wigs. Nothing has made me happy or made me feel comfortable enough. I want to find a solution I can encounter into my everyday life, even my upcoming wedding this July. Wendy, your wigs are incredible. I mean incredible weather they are straight or wavy, blonde, brown or black. How do I go into finding wigs that look so natural as yours do. I love how you are so versatile…that’s what I also want. To have blonde curls one day and brunette staright locks the next… could be the upside to this self-esteem kicking disorder, it would allow me to look so different everyday. What would you sugest??

  6. Juanieda says:

    I’m 1 of ur biggest fans i must say i love ur wigs i would love to know where u by them keep up ur good work

  7. Susan says:

    Wendy, I just saw you in the Harmon Cove in East Hanover. You look so different from on TV(Better, Much better in person). Your hair looked great, you had just finished working out, you said. Was that your real hair, because it looks great and I want to know your secret. Love the ring!!!

  8. Wendy I Watch Your Tv Show Every Week. You Have Some Important Gest on your show, every time I Watch It, I Would Like To Be On Your Show Can You Make This Happen For Me.Girl Give Me A Call Some Time I Live in Texas

    Sign Onia Pulliam

  9. Kelly says:

    How you doin???? I just saw your episode last night with Keenen Tomson and i finialy learned how to say how you doin…. the right way! I watch your show every night and i can’t wait to see it tonight!

  10. Lisa Miller says:

    Opps! Sorry just saw that I posted it in the wrong spot. How do I move my comment?

  11. Lisa Miller says:

    On the show Wendy was looking for a way to tone up those arms. She should try a workout that tones your entire body and is fun to do…pole dancing! No more bingo arms!
    I teach it down here in St Pete, FL, but this workout is sweeping the nation because it is a GREAT workout!
    So not only are you toning your body with strength moves, but you are also burning calories, and the best part is that you don’t feel like you are working out. And to top it off you learn a fun new skill also.

    How you doing!

  12. John says:

    Hi u doing Wendy girl! My name is John and I wanna ask you a question, my friends say that I give wonderful advice and I think I should start a web show giving people advice just like you wendy… Now hi u doin? Do you think i should.

  13. Fanuel says:

    WENNNNNDDDDYYYY! Im dyin to go to your show! I applied many times within the last year or 2… Why dont you love me!? send me tickets sweetie! muah! un beso! How YOU doin!?

  14. Sara says:

    How u doing Wendy? :) I want to know where you buy your wigs??? I like the one you are wearing, dark long hair with bangs… it looks good on you! :) I want to find some wigs… I’ve never used them, or extensions, and my own hair is very long mid back length, but I’m considering cutting my hair and start using wigs instead. I will like to know the best place to get realistic long hair wigs and what type of wigs you use? ex. Lace front, etc… Thank you! Sara

  15. Bria says:

    Hey Wendy (How u doiin girl]
    Ok so me and my mom are sitting here watching your show (friday the 19th) and you went on commercial, the show came back and your make-up was different (gold eye liner,and your lashes were curled] also you didnt have those bracelets on when the show first started (hmphh]

    xoxoxo Bria from QUEENSSSS *

  16. HOW YOU DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dear Wendy: This is not an easy message for me to send but I am going to try my best. In December of 2009 I was diagonosis with stage 2 breast cancer. It was somthing no women wants to hear. I have since had a lumpectormy and I am recovering just fine. While I was home recovering I discovered your show, watching your show helped me take a break from all the crazy thoughts that were going on in my head. You made me laugh, smile and just think about others things besides myself and my cancer. I am now facing the dreaded road of treatment!!!! The first is CEMO… this is one of the hardest things I am ever going to have to do in my life.
    I am just besides myself, I will be losing my hair and so many other things will be changing in body both physically and emotionally as I go through this process. My heart is breaking not only for me but for Husband and two daughters. Cancer effects everyone around me. I am so sorry, I was running at the mouth as usual. The reason why I was reaching out to you today Wendy is because I am having the hardest time excepting the fact that I am going to lose my hair and have to wear a wig. I am a teachers aide for the middle school grades 4 thur 8 Maywood NJ. I really enjoy what I do and love all the students. I am scared to death of what and how the students are going to handle my transformation.
    The Cancer again has already changed so many aspects of my life and now it this. I hoping you will be my angel and give me the tools, strength and advice from finding the perfect place to purchase a wig, wear it and look as fabulous as you.
    As for the rest that will be left up to me. Some days are good others not. I know that when I am done with all of this I will never be the same person again. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this. Thanks for making me Laugh, Smile and just be myself.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    L. McManus