What Wendy’s Wearing: Golden Girl


Wendy is wearing a gold ruffle chiffon blouse by Nanette Lepore and a black leather high waisted skirt by Diane Von Furstenburg. Both can be found at Bloomingdale’s.

Her gold hoop earrings are by Betsy Johnson (available at Macy’s) and her gold bangles can be purchased at Forever 21.

She has on leopard heels by Christian Louboutin.

Keep reading to find out where you can get Wendy’s look.


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  2. joan hayden says:

    hi wendy love love your show i worked at night and i make sure i had to watch your show every single night keep up the good work and keep make people laughing like myself by the way how u doing. i must say i love your wigs and i would realy like to know how can i get the curly wig or what hair to buy so i can have my curly look iam also a stylist and all my client wants your look thank joan orlando florida

  3. jasi says:

    cutteee……mii mom was the same skirt

  4. q says:

    i like it:)

  5. Joe Drayton says:


  6. julia says:

    love your show, your clothing stylist does an awesome job .

  7. monica Jones says:

    Hello Wendy! How you doin? One question this might seem a bit personal, but for you i think it will be just as normal. The picture you with the hot purple frittle bloomindale dress and purple and white shoes. You are sporting a bad ass wig that i normally see you fix on your show (lmao) can you please tell me where do you purchase that wig..its very hot and it makes you look more than classy!! love the look on ya!! please reply even if it cost 1500.00…. i love it…(it can be an investment!!)))

  8. Paula says:

    I love the Wendy show. I am on alot of medication and here in PA I always watch the Wendy show before I take my last meds for the night. As for the “K” girls I think they are hot mess, but who is not sometimes. Wendy I just think that you bring out the best in so many people. You are real, a friend, mother, sister, wife and lover. I think you can wear any hat you like at any given time. Keep do’in what yo are do’in. One question do you ever donate your used wigs :-)

  9. http://www.MarlenaMoniece.Com

  10. http://www.MarlenaMoniece.Com

    Beautiful outfit Mrs. Wendy
    Age-11 singer, JC NJ

    Visit my site and I’ll send you a free tee shirt
    my cd will be out October 2009 and I hope to be on your show 2010

  11. whats up with the RE=RUNS?????? kelly in Hesperia, Ca

  12. Wendy,

    I am loving your show, I watch every single week day, since you have been on the last month and a half. THE PROBLEM IS WHY ARE YOU STARTING RERUNS ALREADY? I WANT A NEW SHOW FROM YOU, WE ALL DO.

    You are fabulous, don’t change a thing.
    I did not know who you were before the show, but I am hooked now.
    Gossip is a great idea and I sincerely hope you last for ever because your show is different then the rest, I know you have new things to talk about every day and we want to hear from you.

    Keep the struggle up,

    Sheila Howard

  13. Helen Clark says:

    Dear Wendy, I love your show and try not to miss it. I was interested in coming to see you in person and went on line to order tickets. I filled out everything but I do not know how to upload my picture and never have so my request for tickets was rejected. I feel bad about this and don’t know how to get around it. It left me wondering why you needed to see my picture. If you don’t like the way I look you won’t send me tickets? I’ve been told that I am a nice looking woman so I’m not trying to hide anything. I just have no idea how to upload a picture. Why does my picture matter in order to get tickets? Hope to hear from you………Helen

  14. Claire Bush says:


    How you doin’? I think you are the bomb!! You are beautiful, bawdy, & bodacious!

    When I’m able I never miss your show – what fun you have & I laugh like hell.

    I knew what was going on with the wig – you never missed a beat.

  15. Jeannette says:

    I have recently started watching The Wendy Williams Show and I love it, Wendy cracks me up, however, please do something with your feet, they look awful, and you love to show them. Your clothes look great but when you sit it looks like you have a hard time being comfortable….. and crossing your legs its a mission………. Wendy you are funny and sound very honest, which is what I love about you, so if I make a comment to you about this is because I like you, hope you don’t think I am being nasty…….. looking forward to seeing you tomorrow…..


  16. Jacquey says:

    I so do miss Wendy on the radio, as I am a 51 year old, Mother of 5, who is a Nurse and drives all over the state and just loved how she kept me entertained as well as kept me company…….. home today, watching the show and loving it!

  17. Falon says:

    The wig adjustment was CRAZY! You are silly and great!